About Me

Hello Guys:

I created this blog because I was recently introduced to Minecraft by a very good friend of mine (that I wont name unless he gives me permission). I just wanted to share my Minecraft experiences and the lessons that i am learning each and every day.

Although I will be blogging about my Minecraft experiences, things that I learned and more I will also be highlighting Minecraft related materials. This includes:

  • Texture Packs 
  • Skins 
  • Mods 
  • Minecraft Art - This will mostly be in the form of epic art that I see online (with permissions or recognition given of course) 
  • Interesting Minecraft Stories 
  • Minecraft Parody songs. 
  • Interesting forum postings (please note this will mostly be coming from http://www.minecraftforum.net/ - because, well, that is the forum that i have chosen to be a part of). 
  • Minecraft News - Can't leave this out hehe :) 
  • Anything Minecraft related that i can think of 
This will initially be a site geared towards new miners and casual miners; because I know that there are people like me who have other things to do (in addition to gaming) like: work, school, kids, parents/grandparents and so on. However, experts are free to share there opinions. 

Oh so i almost forgot to mention that I am a huge Zelda fan so i will do my best to find Minecraft items that incorporate The Legend of Zelda. 

More posts to come soon guys. 

Happy Mining :) 

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