Sunday, 3 February 2013

Professor holds virtual class in Minecraft

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Okay so I just read some amazing news. Now as gamers we have all heard the never-ending debate on games and its learning benefits? Also we have all seen the wonderful things that that people can do with Minecraft. Well imagine having classes in Minecraft? Can you imagine it? Well believe it.

Undergraduates and professors were left without the use of their classroom after a cyclone left Australia’s Bond University closed because they suffered storm damage. Of course students and lecturers thought that they would not have any classes during the unexpected downtime; however, they were seriously wrong. One of the professors at this University had the perfect solution to keep everyone stimulated. His idea - Minecraft of course!

Professor Jeffery Brand currently runs the Minecraft Uni Project, where staff and students use Minecraft in order to continue their studies. Once signed into the game, students can access a pixilated version of the main campus, and enter classrooms to continue learning. This has been made possible because of Minecraft’s multiplayer ca[abilities, everyone can learn and discuss the material with each other, via virtual means of course.

Professor Brand used Minecraft after discovering Block by Block, a program that aides players to virtually re-create their actual neighborhoods for educational purposes. It took Brand and eleven students around 1 week to build the main campus, the other buildings includes interior details such as the library.

According to the project’s blog, the recent Minecraft class functioned in the same way that their classes functioned. The group essentially operated as if they were in the same classroom environment. Well there was one change; the waving of TNT replaced the usual hand gestures used in class. Once the Minecraft classes came to a close, they celebrated with fireworks.  

And there you have it folks. Minecraft is just for building blocks, it is also an exceptional learning tool. As if we didn't know that before.

As always – Happy Mining. J

Research Information was taken from this site

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