Sunday, 17 February 2013

Exceptional builds

Hey All:

Well these days I have been super concerned with automation in my Minecraft world as much as possible. So far I have been able to semi-automate the following:

  • Wheat Farm 
  • Potato Farm and 
  • Carrot Farm 
You see (unless there is something out there that I am missing) there is no way to fully automate a the above-mentioned farms because you have to manually replant them. Perhaps there is a Mod out there that I am not aware of as yet to fully automate the process. If there is I will certainly find it in time (though i will not use it). You see there is just something special about making your own farm with old items. 

I digress. 

This week my friend and I were able to finish my very own Automated Watermelon farm. I must say that I really like it.

This is the front

And this is the side:

In the first picture i am standing in my semi-automated potato and carrot farm.

Shout-out goes to Ambi3n for his genius design. I have a cow cooker but that is for some other day :)
Oh I almost forgot to mention that Ambi3n also helped me to build a Blaze farm. It is not the most efficient (meaning the reduction of their health to the point where I need only 1 hit kill them) but it works so who am I to complain. Especially since i could not have done it myself lol. I did find another Blaze spawner so I might try to do another one. Who knows.

*I really should talk about my friend that got me into Minecraft lol* ... Someday i will. Someday.

Anyhow that is the best I have so far. Anyone else wanna share their amazing builds?

This post was inspired by the most amazingly cheap (in terms of materials ofc) enderman farm that i ever saw. SO i figured why not share mine. I will remember to save these epic videos so that i may share it with you in the future. Till then...

Happy Mining :) 

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