Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Minecraft Creativity

 You know the creativity of my fellow Minecraft players never ceases to amaze me. Just when you think that they have done it all, you are pleasantly surprised with something that extra-ordinary people can do with the game. Case in point; I saw some news today about some players that re-created the Kings Landing from The Game of Thrones in Minecraft.

I could say more but I will allow the website that I found to say it all. This article was written by Simon Priest of the Strategy Informer. Please see the link here

I watched the video and it is freaking AMAZING.

Go check it out and of course:
Happy Mining. J

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Minecraft Pocket Edition Update

Originally the Pocket Edition of Minecraft was to be a very similar of the PC version; however, a number of updates have taken the game nearer to the ultimate experience. With update 0.6.0 scheduled to be released tomorrow, a number of people are wondering what to look forward to from this newest version. I did some research to learn everything that I thought you needed to know about this update.
Below is what I was able to discover:

Improved Graphics
Sure the portable edition is able to hold its own against the original; however, owners of the Pocket Edition will now be able to benefit from nicer looking clouds and for what it is worth nicer looking sheep. Just like regular Minecraft you will now be able to dye your sheep in a number of varying colors. You know the little things.

Easier Navigation
Owners of the Pocket Edition never really had too much difficulty travelling around the block filled world; however, you can look forward to having a more improved d-pad experience that will certainly help you to explore when the new update goes live. Speaking of navigation you will now have the ability to place signs (which personally I think is awesome).

Extra Blocks
What would Minecraft be without block construction? Pocket Edition owners rejoice as you will now have extra blocks with which to create new buildings with for example Nether Bricks.

Additional Stairs
With new blocks comes the ability to make new items and one such item are stairs. The new update for the Pocket Edition will bring with it new stairs for us Miners to create as we please. So taking the Nether Bricks from the example above you will now be able to make stairs with them. Oh and guess what? You will even be able to put the stairs upside-down J How is that for awesome.

Extra Gravity
Finally the new edition will bring with it a small but needed change to the way that a few blocks behaveThe forces of gravity will now affect gravel and sand, so you better be careful when making that underwater tunnel.

So in essence the new Minecraft Pocket Edition will ha
  1. 1.   Improved graphics
  2. 2.   Easier navigation
  3. 3.   Additional blocks
  4. 4.   Additional stairs and
  5. 5.   Extra gravity

Sure to some it may seem small; however, as many of us know it is the little things that matter.

And there you have it guys, as much as I can find about the Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Happy Mining. J

Monday, 28 January 2013

Current Minecraft Texture Packs

Hey All:

Yes it has been a while since i made a post, but I hope to get much better at it :).

I just wanted to take a moment to talk my favorite Minecraft Texture Pack. Currently I am using the Soartex Texture Pack that can be found here:

Now to me this is a wonderful texture pack and it is the reason why i still play Minecraft to this day. Asidefrom all the building of course lol. If you are reluctant to try Minecraft because of its look (let's face it the Default texture pack is UGLY) then you really should download this texture pack. To me it is simply beautiful.

However, I have found some issues with this texture pack. For starters there are a few items that it doesn't recognize - namely the anvil and fireworks. Even with its flaws I still decide to use it. How about you? Do you use a texture pack even though you have discovered issues with it? Is there any texture pack that you simply have to have?

Please leave your comments below. :)

As Always
Happy Mining.